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    MVC/Model 2 - how?

    G. Reno Newbie

      I am just downloading Nukes so I am new to it right now but I do have some questions:
      I have been using Struts and am interested in using a model 2 architecture so has anyone successfully used Struts with Nukes? If so, could you post some example code.
      I see that Nukes has the Block concept. Is this as good as Tiles in Struts? Can both be used?
      I want to have capabilities like JSP Templates, Tiles, Struts, JSTL. Can all these be done with Nukes? Specifically, are there duplicate/competing/incompatible technologies in Nukes?

      Gerry Reno

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          you can have am mvc2 architecture per module.

          you have to intercept the mbean call by redefining the invoke method. So you have a detyped invocation :

          public void invoke(String operation, Object[] args, String[] signature);

          there you can plug an mvc2 model a la struts :

          create an action object according to the operation
          execute it and get a forward object
          render a view according the forward with a whatever engine (velocity ?)

          For tiles etc..., I don't know struts at all. So I cannot do spme matrix comparison.


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            G. Reno Newbie

            Thanks for the reply regarding the interceptor. Hopefully I can get some comments on my other questions.

            Gerry Reno