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    Authentication on a different database

    Danilo Luiz Rheinheimer Newbie


      I want to use Nukes on a project I have.
      But the users are already registered on a database on another system (Delphi/Interbase based). The users are created/removed from this Delphi database.
      But I want to the users on my site to be able to use his data already avaliable on this system.
      So the authentication must be done with this data and not the users/groups entity beans deployed on JBoss/Nukes. I do not need this EJBs at all.
      So, are there some interface I must implement to support this ?


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          no, what you can do is to subclass org.jboss.nukes.core.modules.CoreModule and redefine the user based methods

          public UserEJBLocal currentUser() {...}
          public void userLogOut() {...}
          public boolean userLoggedIn() {...}
          public UserEJBLocal findUserById() {...}
          public UserEJBLocal findUserByName() {...}

          you have so to implement the interface UserEJBLocal which is easy to do.

          if you want also override user creation you have to redefine public void finishnewuser(Page page) {...} in org.jboss.nukes.core.user.UserModule