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    nukes deployment

    jkester Newbie

      I read the message concerning deployment on for instance jcentric. I like the idea. I would like to make it a bit more extended though, don't know whether it is possible.

      Use apache (apache2 with mod_jk2) with virtual hosting. Then redirect per domain-host to a separate section of the jboss-nukes.

      Or else put, would it be possible to deploy several nukes on one jboss server? Nukes that work independently and all have their own webapp? And then have an apache virtual host per Nukes webapps?

      Regards, Jan

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          Fran Taylor Newbie

          I am also interested in hosting multiple virtual domains with one nukes instance. I can think of two ways to do it: put a domain column in the tables and modify the queries, or have different datasources for the different domains. Is anyone else interested in this?

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            To my mind, the first thing to do would be to disconnect nukes mbeans from the JBoss MBeanServer. It is possible to create multiple MBean server per virtual machine, so each Nukes would be hooked in its own MBeanServer.

            I am not sure how JBoss would react of the fact of having more than one MBeanServer within it because some JBoss services may rely on the fact that there is only one MBeanServer per JBoss, I have to talk with Scott for that. In fact the MBean that could cause problems are the one that rely on the MBeanServerLocator class to find the server. It make use of MBeanServerFactory.findMBeanServer().get(0) that gives back an MBeanServer, but I don't know if that is very deterministic.

            The second thing, as you said it, would be to have one configured datasource per Nukes. Since datasources are MBean it is easy to create that on the fly. Also it would need to generate tables for each Nukes.

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              actually I checked it and using MBeanServerFactory.newMBeanServer will create an mbean server without having the factory keeping a reference on it, meaning disconnected (whereas MBeanServerFactory.createMBeanServer ties the server to the factory). So it could be used to create as many MBeanServer we need without disturbing the JBoss mbean server.


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                Danny Thornton Novice

                I am just getting started with Nukes and I would like to be able to deploy multiple Nukes on one jboss server, with each deployment of Nukes having it's own context, database, and data source. If someone goes through this process before I do, could you post the steps to do this?


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                  I don't think it is possible to do that yet. However is someone find the magic to do it ....