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    Theme collection?

    Russell Black Newbie

      I'm very excited to this ported to JBoss. Is there a central repository for Nukes on JBoss themes yet? I don't imagine there are too many right now.

        • 1. FakeInitialContext and java:/ root names
          tfreund Newbie

          I've modified the FakeInitialContext stuff so that you can now bind things to names like: java:/ConnectionFactory

          What was needed was an InitialContextFactoryBuilder to make sure that the FakeInitialContext gets used rather than the "normal" InitialContext.

          The way you set up things in the FakeInitialContext has changed from:

          HashMap bindings = new HashMap();
           bindings.put("somename", myobj);
           bindings.put("othername", myobj2);

          InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();//The jndi.properties file + ICFBuilder makes sure the FakeInitialContext gets used
           ctx.bind("somename", myobj);
           ctx.bind("othername", myobj2);

          If you use the first method (calling FakeInitialContext directly), you end up with two versions of the static bindings HashMap contained in FakeInitialContext in some cases for some bizarre reason. This happened in TestCmdSTARTTLS.

          So far FakeInitialContext overrides the lookup(), bind(), rebind() and getDefaultInitialCtx() methods inherited from InitialContext(), there are a few others that might need overriding down the line if we run into any more problems.



          • 2. Re: Theme collection?

            you are right... so far 3 themes, two have been ported and we designed an original one.

            we are looking for theme porters/designers.