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    index page and new blocks

    elaineqs Newbie


      Can i change the index.html page and add new blocks? For example, i implemented another login block (for test purpose) and i want to add it to index page. Is it possible? How can i do this?


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          jkester Newbie

          I am halfway myself there.
          You need to set some permissions in the nukes core-module mbean configuration.
          Go to the nukes/nukes src directory. Under src/nukes-sar/META-INF you will find the jboss-service.xml file. This file contains permissions for menu items and for access to module functionality. To add a menu entry, make sure that you add the componet-operation properly (see examples in file).
          To get access to the module functionality I need to find out myself still. At least what you can do, is after adding the menu, login as admin. Admin always has all rights and can see everything.

          Regards, Jan