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    manage jsp from the module

    wilee Newbie

      Hey I have downloaded jboss-3.2.1_nukes-1.0.0alpha,

      I was wondering how do I manage jsp from the module html administration.

      It comes back as application/octet-stream.

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          jsp in html module are considered as plain data. I mean the jsp are not rendered.

          we have support for jsp in the cvs through the scripting module and modules can use JSP as well to render some content.

          support is not 100%, I just tested scriptlet, not yet tag libraries.


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            orfeo77 Newbie

            I have a problem in building scripting module, to add JSP support.I can not access SourceForge CVS directly and then I browse CVS by web ,but in
            The Current directory: [SourceForge] / jboss / nukes / script / src / main / org / jboss / nukes / addons / modules / script / ejb

            there is only ScriptEJB.java
            where are ScriptEJBLocalHome.java and ScriptEJBLocal.java?

            It is my error? or there is a problem
            Thank in advance for the support. :-)

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              they are generated through xdoclet in the output dir of the build. so you have to launch the build to make them appear.