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    Problems switching Hypersonic to MySql

    Roger Ackroyd Newbie

      Nukes on Hypersonic ok.
      On MySql, some i.e. groups modules Ok. Most others return 'an error occured' when entered data is entered. New entries can be seen Ok in MySql db, but then application seems to fail to recognise its newly 'orphaned' data in db. Many other ancilliary actions thus fail to work properly.
      Clearly summat wrong with my setup. If someone could view attached file and suggest root of problem(s) then thanks in advance.

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          filemon Newbie

          I had the same problem yesterday. After looking into myslq driver sources(mysql-connector-java-3.0.8-stable), it looks out that for automatically incremented fields it returns Long as a java type of pk. ClassCastException is thrown during creation of FileEjb, when this long is narrowed to int(getId()). I changed FileEjb.id to be long and it solved my problem.

          I'm new to MySQL, maybe there is other solution.


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            I know the problem, it appeared recently.

            what you have to do is :

            stop it
            modify the local.properties replacing the hsqldb section with the mysql one (that can be found in nukes/build/etc/local.properties-mysql)

            then it will work when you build other modules.