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    Themes and Blocks

    madlion Newbie

      Hi all,

      i m new to jboss nukes and so i decide to begin to make a new theme.
      After some time i found some problems with blocks and themes.
      Currently most blocks don't really good work with them, because the don't have a scope for design. The don't use any css. So you don't have a possibility to adapt them to your theme.
      So my question if someone other is working on themes?

      Greetz MadLion

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          there are predefined selectors for themes : some blocks make use of it, some don't and prefer to do their own style with tags like , , etc....

          the LoginBlock uses some of them though. I think that there is not a godd doco on the available selectors so block developers simply ignores them. Also there is no good doco availaable on that in the original PN.

          here is the list of the predefined selectors :

          .pn-title { }
          .pn-button { }
          .pn-text { }
          .pn-normal { }
          .pn-sub { }
          .pn-logo { }
          .pn-logo-small { }
          .pn-pagetitle { }

          actually none is taking care of that, if you want you can modify the current block to take care of the predefined selectors.

          you can develop theme also if you want, we need good ones.


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            madlion Newbie

            Hi julien,

            as i take a look at the predefined css files i notice the predefined selectors. But how you say some block developers ignore them. I think only the core blocks use them.

            Why not, i would like to modifiy the block to use the predefined selectors. I have to modify them for my theme anyway.

            I only make a port of a theme from phpBB2 messsage board. I currently use it and like it very much.
            But i m not sure about copyrights.

            If you would take a look of the original. http://forum.fishheadsoftware.de (it's my server)


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              we are going to do a forum soon (and sure steal thing from phpbb2 which is excellent)

              normally block are generic and don't have to adapt to a theme. the only thing they should do is to use the predefined selectors and make use of openTable/closeTable callbacks.


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                madlion Newbie

                I know of the new forum and maybe i use it some time later. I want to use it because it's better to have a full integrated forum than a stand alone one.

                What are the plans for it?


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                  analyse phpbb2

                  find a good access data strategy, we plan to use EJBs but we have to tweak them and test them before anything. meanning having a good caching layer.

                  then code, code and code.

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                    madlion Newbie

                    Oh... phpBB2 is the basis, great.
                    So that will be much work.

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                      I guess so, but porting PN was much work also, so I am confident in the task.