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    Accessing resources in other ears

    saravananvs Newbie

      Dear All,
      I am in a position to access the resources (xml, properties ) from other ears. Until 3.0 it is working fine. But in 3.2.1 it is not working. Is there any additional configurability to get the other application's (ear) resources.

      Thanks in advance

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          fact is that JMX change the current context classloader when you call an mbean so you wont have to good classloader. But as we are using UnifiedClassLoader it should not matter very much.

          Frankly I never tried to do that. You should try : ClassLoader#loadResources() it will give you an enumeration of all resources found for an entry, it will browse the current classloader and the delegated classloaders.

          Could you tell us from which classloader you are trying to load a resource ? is it a nukes component ? if yes which one is it ?


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            saravananvs Newbie

            Thanks for your input. This is one scenario. I have small wrapper class over java's ResourceBundle class. Other applications ( which is deployed as ear) is accessing my class and get the resource bundle. Other application will not give their classloader instance. The ResourceBundle class will try to load the properties which is present in other application's ear file. As i stated already, it is working fine in jboss 3.0.0. I have faced the problem while migrating to 3.2.1. Loading resource is upto the Java resource bundle implementation. Is there any configuartion to get other application's resource. Please help me.