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    Weird file upload problem - works in Firefox, not in IE

    Kosta Kontos Newbie

      Hi I am using t:inputfileUpload to upload a file.

      The class is org.apache.myfaces.custom.fileupload.UploadedFile

      Instantiated object is myUploadedFile

      The file uploaded is moo.txt

      The file is uploaded from D:\files\

      The destination is /path/to/file/

      When I upload with Firefox, it writes it as /path/to/file/moo.txt

      When I upload with IE, it writes it as /path/to/file/D:\files\moo.txt

      I have System.out.println(myUploadedFile.getName()) in my controller.

      In Firefox, it prints "moo.txt"

      In IE, it prints "D:\files\moo.txt"

      Weird huh?

      Any ideas?

      (Side note: I cannot wait for richFaces built-in file upload).