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    No news. No sections.

    Christophe Warland Newbie

      I have nukes compiled from CVS and deployed. Now, I am ready to start playing with it. However, the main page does not show any news or sections, not even a link in the main menu.

      On a maybe related topic, I am rather unsure what setup.dll file(s) I am supposed to use. The instllation notes and tutorial say to use nukes/nukes/src/resources/hsqldb/setup.ddl, but it doesn't contain the table NUKE_SECTIONS. I guess I could also be using nukes/distrib/output/sql/setup/hsqldb.ddl, but it does not contain NUKE_STORIES or NUKE_COMMENTS.

      Or should I simply process all the following files one by one?


      -- Christophe

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          you can build a big DDL file, look at the distrib module there is an ant target that generates such a bug ddl file.

          the principle is that most modules are outside of the core (unless this is very important) so modules like news, list, sections etc... are outside of the core to keep the core size small.

          it lead also to a better development so, people can develop nukes modules and then they submit them to us. then we integrate the module in the CVS.

          with that you can also build a nukes "a la carte"


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            Christophe Warland Newbie

            That makes sense. So what is the best way to put -- say -- 'news' back in my custom nukes? I suppose processing the related news DDL file is not enough?

            And a Big Thank You for all your help and nice work, Julien!

            -- Christophe