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    Nukes on mycgiserver.com

    aeg72 Newbie

      Hi, everybody:

      I'm trying to run Nukes on mycgicerver but it seems to be having a problem finding the path to the run.jar.

      Here's a typical message I get when I execute run.bat:

      Could not locate xxx run.jar. Please check that you are in the bin directory when running this script.
      Press any key to continue . . .

      Where xxx is any path I put in run.bat

      With the path instructions in the original downloaded run.bat it looks for run.jar in my computer rather than in the server.

      Any suggestions? If you have any suggestions, I would prefer an absolute path rather than a relative one.


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          last time I tried mycgiserver it was very poor to deploy java applications. If you have some money to spend you should buy a virtual private server (www.jcentric.com for instance).

          it's cheap, around $40 per month and you will be able to install nukes smoothly.