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    Don't start HSQLDB

    Tu Kim Tan Newbie

      I have finished installing the SQuirreL SQL Client.
      I made by the following instruction
      "6-How can I tell Squirrel SQL client to connect with the HSQL running within the jBoss environement ?Answers:a)
      You have to install the correct driver.
      To do that, you go on the "Drivers" pannel, single click on the HSQLDB_Server in the list and click on the + at the top.

      b)You click on "Extra Class Path" tab and make sure to add the following file: "C:\jboss-3.2.0RC4\server\default\lib\hsqldb.jar".

      c)On the Class Name field you type org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver.

      d) The Name: field (at the top) should contain HSQL_DB and the Example URL: jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:1701.

      e) Once done, click OK.

      f) On the Alias panel, click the + sign. That will bring you an extra panel.

      g) On the Name field, type JBoss.

      h) On the Driver: pop-up list, choose the appropriate driver (HSQL_DB you just configured). The suggested URL should be OK (jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:1701) and the User Name is sa

      f) Once done, close the panel by clicking OK.

      g) Double-click on the JBoss alias (in the alias panel)."

      After I finished , I presses OK button , the screen display the error :Unexpected error occured attempting to open an SQL connection
      How can I solve this

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          you can try the embeded sql manager, with your browser point to :

          localhost:8080/jmx-console, then go in the mbean for hsqdb, there is a "start manager" operation that will open a swing GUI that manages HSQLDB.


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            skywind8 Newbie

            Where you see the error message, click the 'More' button to get a stack trace of what actually went wrong. Copy and paste that here. It might say "Driver not found" or it might say you have a permissions problem connecting to the database. Or something else entirely.