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    About block management in java nuke

    tamhuynh Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have some problems when trying to create new block with java nuke

      1. After creating some other objects of the same real block, I can not remove them. (at the moment, only with: start, stop, destroy but do not remove completely from the server)

      2. Those blocks still existed even I undeployed module coresponding and made some changes with them (block) and deployed it again.

      3. I want to make some changes with the editing function for my specific block from block management (index.html?module=block&op=edit). But I do not know how to make it ?


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          fisrst, the block module is still not finished. I improved it recently but there are still some issues. If you want to work on it you are welcome.

          The CVS version will undeploy the block whose classes are removed from nukes and then will redeploy it when the new classes are coming.

          I am working hard on forums and I don't have much time to spend on that one.