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    JSF problm persisting the bean values during ajax requests

    Simon Cigoj Newbie

      I'm using Myfaces 1.2 and Facelets, and ajax4jsf 1.1.1, and I'm having problems keepenig vaues of the backing bean of the jsf form during ajax requests. On the firs request everything is ok (the value is set to the bean), on the second ajax request all the values in the bean are null.

      That happens if I use a request scope bean, if I use a session scope bean it works fine..but I don't want to use session beans, beacause I's bring new problems.

      I tried the keepAlive a4j tag but it has no effect, even with that on the second request all the values are null.

      Is mybe a problem in the jsf configuration, should I put something extra in the web.xml or in faces-config.xml? If there is no a simple solution to that problem I could post my web.xml if it could help you give me some explanation.

      I realy hope that there is some solution to that because I realy like that a4j library it is so simple to use, so I hope realy hope someone have some answer to my problem.