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    is there any way to change the default theme for a new user?

    Al Carlson Newbie

      or do I need to update the source in UserEJB.java to make this change?

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          Mikko Kamarainen Newbie

          Try updating the database directly. run sql:

          update nuke_services_attributes set PN_VALUE='x' where PN_AID='DefaultTheme

          replacing x with the name of your own new theme.
          works for me at least.

          Use your own DB tool to run the query.

          -- another tip:

          If you are using hsql, don't bother to download and configure the stuff they tell you at the tutorial... ;-)

          Use the hsql (built-in) tool you already have:

          1) by executing (under jboss where you have the hsqldb.jar):

          java -cp hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManagerSwing

          2) connect to the nukes database - I use "HSQL database engine standalone" (make sure jboss is not running):


          replace X with a path and the name of the nukes database - under server/default/data/hypersonic usually - see nukesDS

          This method can be used to run the setup-scripts, too, if you are building nukes and using hsql (for testing)


          Would like to get rid of hsql if only I could make my Firebird work with nukes as I'm using Firebird for all other jboss datasources, too... Darn BLOB's and firebird...

          Mikko Kamarainen