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    nukes intall

    pkfe Newbie

      I have some problem in install nukes +jboss+mysql.
      There are my steps:
      a.get nukes at
      uncompress it
      b.get jboss at
      uncompress it
      c.get mysql mysql-4.0.16-win.zip and uncompress it
      e.make %JAVA_HOME%\bin in PATH
      f.Create a directory called nukes in $JBOSS_HOME/server/default
      g.Start mysql by run mysqld-max
      h.Run prepare.ddl & setup.ddl. mysql &#8211;u root &#8211;p < the two ddl.These are some bugs in prepare.ddl.&#8221;grant error&#8230;&#8221;,buy it is ease to fix.
      i.Restart mysql
      j.Get mysql driver mysql-connector-java-3.0.9-stable-bin.jar and copy it to
      k.Copy %NUKES_HOME%\nukes\src\resources\mysql\nukes-ds.xml
      l.copy the file $NUKES_HOME/build/etc/local.properties-mysql as
      m.%NUKES_HOME%\build\build.bat,It is strange that build.bat will use
      %NUKES_HOME%\build\etc\local.properties-example cover my local.properties.
      so I change local.properties-mysql to local.properties-example .rebuild again.
      n.go to NUKES_HOME\nukes directory and type build deploy
      cd %JBOSS_HOME%\bin , run.bat to start the server

      It&#8217;s started.But when http://localhost:8080/nukes.
      Explorer output HTTP Status 404.