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    How to view Blocks..

    HunJae Lee Newbie

      I think I have installed Nukes and JBoss-3.2.3RC1,
      But I found only 3 blocks - Main Menu, Who's online, User's login block.
      How to view and use BB and FAQ, Journal...?
      I'm just beginner about Nukes.
      Any comment will be appreciate.
      (I attached some screen captures of my nukes:
      anony.gif: anonymous access on my nukes.
      admin.gif: after login as admin
      jmx.gif: JMX list-nuke blocks and modules
      user.gif: after login as an user)

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          HunJae Lee Newbie

          I couldn't upload screen capture files, because file upload function of this forum didn't do it's job well.

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            HunJae Lee Newbie

            after all day long, I successed to view section,news, faq...

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              pawelec_p Newbie


              Could you write how did you resolve this problem.
              I've got the same...
              In the left panel there is no links to news, FAQ etc...

              Best regards

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                HunJae Lee Newbie

                My nukes source directory was ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/nukes. First I run 'build.sh' in build directory (a sub-directory of nukes), and 'build.sh deploy' in nukes directory (a sub-directory of nukes). This was my problematic trials.

                First I move my nukes source directory to other place, and remains ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/nukes empty. After building in the new source directory, I did run 'build.sh deploy' in nukes directory (nukes/nukes). This command move only one ear file (nukes.ear) to ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/deploy.
                And to deploy other modules (ie, bb, faq, adminmessage ...) I went into just that directory and run deploy command ('build.sh deploy' or 'ant deploy'). This deploy module ears to ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/nukes ,and menu works.