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    Standalone module BB w/o jboss/nukes

    krypton Novice

      nice forums ! ...

      how easy would it be to decouple BB from jboss/nukes, ie can i run the bb in another app server e.g weblogic without nukes ?

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          krypton Novice


          "cooper" wrote:
          no it is not possible

          will it ever be independent of nukes/jboss .. ie in the future perhaps ?

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            Why is it bad to be tied to JBoss ? I understand that the forum I ported from php are quite good and there is no real alternative in java and that people may want to use it outside of JBoss, even Nukes.

            The forum are tightly integrated with Nukes, it saved me month of work, because all of the user management and security management were already done. So that's why the forums are a real part of Nukes.

            Nukes is tightly integrated to JBoss for several reasons :

            1. I love JBoss
            2. Take advantage of JBoss
            3. Improve JBoss, when something is missing I add it for my needs (most of the time this is Alex that does the job though, thanks Alex
            4. If you want to use an appserver that does J2EE, so why not use JBoss ?

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              krypton Novice

              Hi Julien,

              Well. ... I only ask because I may want to run the bb under jboss, but with out nukes, ie as a packaed j2ee application perhaps as a war/ear.

              Currently I use jive, its easy to move it around/configure due to the standard deployment format of a war.

              There are other java forums out there

              - jive (as i mentioned)
              - mvnforum
              - jgossip
              - lightningboard
              - plus some other one from jcorporate or something

              I am using jive at the moment as it provides a good base of fuintionality + stable etc, although I have hacked onto it features like avatars and private messaging.

              I can probably see nukes bb going in this direction, so it will most likely be the platform i deploy on in the future ..

              Anyway .. good job, nice forums...


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                nukes is an .ear but which contains .sar for services

                how are the other forum ? mvnforum looked good but miss some features, the most being the capability to know what are the forums and messages you haven't yet read.

                jive is not opensource

                I will look at the others to see what they look like