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    Tapestry + Nukes

    James Ward Newbie

      Long ago I remember seeing posts about Nukes using Tapestry. And some arguments between Howard and Marc. Anyways, I was wondering what the status is on this. Can I use Tapestry in combination with Nukes? If not currently, does the architecture allow me to write a Tapestry Plugin? Thanks.

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          actually, this was the old forum that was build on tapestry. at the same time marc and howard had some discussions.

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            James Ward Newbie

            So what is the possiblity of using Tapestry with Nukes?

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              I don't know, I have not tried it since. As far as I remember tapestry does not require JSP, it's an indenpendant framework that works with a single servlet. So I think this is doable.

              If my memories are good, to make tapestry work, one need to provider the application file that gives all the components, plus some other files per component (jwc).

              You could try to investigate. In the worst case you can use the method process(NukesRequest req, NukesResponse resp) which is on the ModuleSupport class.

              NukesRequest extends HttpServletRequest, the same applies for NukesResponse.