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    Problem Adding a new user

    julio Newbie


      "juliogodel" wrote:

      I have downloaded the jboss-3.2.3_nukes-1.0.0RC1.zip, unzipped and tried to add a new user and the following message appeared:

      15:19:05,164 ERROR [user] Cannot create user with userName=foo
      javax.ejb.CreateException: Could not create entity:java.sql.SQLException: Wrong
      data type: For input string: "FALSE" in statement [INSERT INTO NUKE_USERS (pn_un
      ame, pn_user_regdate, pn_user_viewemail, pn_name, pn_email, pn_femail, pn_url, p
      n_timezone_offset, pn_user_avatar, pn_user_icq, pn_user_aim, pn_user_yim, pn_use
      r_msnm, pn_user_from, pn_user_lang, pn_user_occ, pn_user_intrest, pn_user_sig, p
      n_bio, pn_pass, pn_theme, pn_umode, pn_uorder, pn_thold, pn_noscore, pn_commentm
      ax, pn_last_visit, pn_prev_last_visit, pn_question, pn_answer) VALUES ('foo',
      '2004-01-26 15:19:05.103', FALSE, '', 'foo@acme.com', 'change-me@fake-e
      mail.org', '', 0, 'blank.gif', '', '', '', '', '', 0, '', '', '', '', 'bb8f76e25
      a3534f7bf68b89146c6c028', 'seabreeze', '', FALSE, 0, FALSE, 4096, '2004-01-26 15
      :19:05.103', '2004-01-26 15:19:05.103', '', '')]

      I think that the problem is that the word "false" has to be in quotes...

      Thank you,

      Julio Cesar

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          "cooper" wrote:
          yes I know, I have commited the fix in the CVS version.

          you can get the new DDL file from the CVS. just drop the table nuke_users and create a new one with the create table statemtents :

          CREATE TABLE nuke_users (
          pn_uname VARCHAR(25) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_regdate TIMESTAMP DEFAULT 'now',
          pn_user_viewemail BIT,
          pn_name VARCHAR(60) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_email VARCHAR(60) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_femail VARCHAR(60) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_url VARCHAR(254) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_timezone_offset INTEGER DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_avatar VARCHAR(30) DEFAULT 'blank.gif' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_icq VARCHAR(15) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_aim VARCHAR(18) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_yim VARCHAR(25) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_msnm VARCHAR(25) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_from VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_lang INTEGER DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_occ VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_intrest VARCHAR(150) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_user_sig VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_bio VARCHAR DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_pass VARCHAR(40) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_theme VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_umode VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_uorder BIT,
          pn_thold INTEGER DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
          pn_noscore BIT,
          pn_commentmax INTEGER DEFAULT '4096' NOT NULL,
          pn_last_visit TIMESTAMP DEFAULT '1974-09-21 00:00:00',
          pn_prev_last_visit TIMESTAMP DEFAULT '1974-09-21 00:00:00',
          pn_question VARCHAR DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
          pn_answer VARCHAR DEFAULT '' NOT NULL

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            julio Newbie


            "juliogodel" wrote:
            Now it works...

            Thank you,

            Julio Cesar