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    Nukes Architectural Overview

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      "mcscottmc" wrote:

      A little background:

      My company is trying to put together an internal demo for a relatively simple web application. We have significant experience with various J2EE servers including JBoss (which is our current app server of choice :) ). Because of our previous experiences with JBoss, we decided to go with Nukes and have had very few problems getting it installed.

      The issue(s):

      So we have Nukes installed and running and we are ready to start customizing. However, we have really hit a wall with understanding everyhing that is going on and trying to figure out the best way to approach customization. We've read all the articles posted on the Nukes site and I have browsed through almost every post in this newsgroup. There are plenty of turtorials about how to create a module, a block, and a theme, but nothing really explains how to set up the entire system for deployment in a real-world environment.

      I know Julien and friends are busy coding away and may not have time to really put together documentation, so what I am really asking is if anyone out there who does not work for the JBoss group actually have a fully-customized working system running? If so, respond here so 1) I can get a thread going that goes more in depth than "MySQL is not working" and 2) so I can put together a "Getting Started" document that I will be happy to share with everyone.

      Stay tuned for some specific questions.