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    URL and/or module invokation mapping

    mcscottmc Newbie

      Is there a framework for mapping url requests for one module to another?
      For example, is there a way for me to configure calls to module=user&op=getlogin to module=mymodule&op=myop at the JMX level (ie, outside of source code)?

      The reason I ask is that I am trying to use the BB module, but if a user is not logged it, it redirects them to the user module. We do not want our users to use the core UserModule for registration because we need to capture some extra information.

      The underlying issue is the tight coupling between the BB Module and the UserModule. This does not leave much room for custom login logic or registration logic. Since the BB Module is hardcoded to hit module=user, I think the easiest thing to do is to intercept those requests and reroute them to our own registration logic. If that framework does not yet exist, I will just have to edit the BB Module source and recompile.