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    Ben Newbie

      How stable is the project? I am currently running some random snapshot on an internal website and already have around 60 posts on the system. Am I going to have to drop the table and recreate it when you guys release the next stable release or are you working on a safe upgrade path?

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          Ben Newbie

          Please try to answer this question broadly... not just the question at hand. Will I lose my users, posts, etc, etc...

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            marc fleury Master

            you will lose all users and posts. we don't care at all about backwards compatibility we are evil doers that like to kill all data and information out there.

            The schema for BB comes from PhpBB which is fairly stable today, so your question on schema is that you will likely not have to do anything

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              Ben Newbie

              Ok, I think you are kidding, but I have already noticed some changes in the user table, so I think I actually will have to drop all my users, and that you are evil doers.