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    Some information

    Daniele Newbie

      Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to Nukes.
      We're using JBoss 3.2.3 for a mission critical application, and we're very satisfied.
      So we're very interested in using Nukes as CMS, since it's J2EE-compliant and would perfectly integrate with our J2EE environment (rather than PHPNuke).
      I would like to know if there're some docs or info anywhere about how can it be integrated in an already existing J2EE application:
      For example can we plug-in our own authentication engine, based on our table rather than on nukes ones?
      How should we integrate our existing Servlet/JSP (Web-App generally) with Nukes. The later issue is very important since our existing WebAppl has it's own users tables, and logs-in users using EJB CMP 2.0 on that tables. User session is administered by a Session Statefull EJB (created for each user) and it's reference is stored and passed within Servlets/JSP through an HttpSession... how can we integrate all this stuff in Nukes?
      I think this is a general problem for all that companies already provided with their web-application with many servlets and EJB developed specifically for their business but want to use advanced CM functionalities provided by Nukes (Forums, News, Mailing list) ...
      How can this be accomplished?