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    first impressions of JBoss Nukes

    Nick Newbie

      I've spent around 6-8 hours now messing about with nukes, including writing my own theme and gaining a cursory understanding of how rendering occurs.
      I think it's a really promising project. I walked away thinking a few things, however:

      1. I'd like to learn how to use the template module - ideally, I should be able to alter the basics of themes or even create them, as a user within Nukes.
      It was fun making my own theme but, really, I was simply spending time writing code to make a few colours change - unless I wanted to get radical with the arrangment of blocks.

      2. BBNukes should inherit from the theme of Nukes. I'd like to look into this a little more, if I have time. I noticed that I could not adjust its theme in the jmx-console.

      3. Someone has put a lot of effort into writing this. I was willing to put up with inline HTML. The Page, Theme, etc. code hang together very well.

      I hope to spend more time with nukes. My first requirement of it is a uniform look and feel, including BBNukes. I'd like to help out with that, in any way possible.