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    cwagner Newbie

      Hi, I'm fairly new to cms's, but I figured I'd give Nukes a try as Java is my preferred language. I have to admit, though, that I'm surprised at how the theme engine is implemented. I expected that it would consist of jsp files (ie one file contains the overall layout and graphics with sections marked off for sidebars/content, another file contains code for blocks, etc.). Instead from what I can tell, the theme is contained inside of a java class. Now, like I said, I'm new to cms's and I'm only an amateur coder at best, but this seems kind of odd to me. Could someone please explain the reasoning?

      Actually, as I was writing this, I had an idea. Maybe the theme java class could simply include the jsp files so that it would work like I outlined above? Am I way off base here? (Remember, I'm not very experienced at coding but I'm trying to learn.)

      Thanks in advance for helping me to understand.