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    jeffpaes Newbie

      Is there some way to marry Nuke with threaded discusions? In using the PHPBB2 forum model, JBOSS has selected a flat forum methodology for their BB module. I am interested in more of a threaded private discussion forum, like a NNTP newreader (with a navigation tree) would provide. But I want to encapsulate such a discussion within the portal environment.

      I want each Nuke user when they login to automaticlly have access to the discussions groups that are relevant to them. i.e. That they are subscribed to (via profile settings).

      I want a non redundant message sent to the email account in the user profile when a new message is posted to a forum/discussion group the user is subscribed to. i.e A new email will not be sent until the user logs in again.

      I hope this is the proper place to ask these feature questions. It seemed the best choice from the forum topics I could find.