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    Is Repository broken? What is the meaning of Bomb icon in th

    Claude Coulombe Newbie

      Greetings folks,

      I'm wondering if there is any problem with the richfaces/ui/core repository?

      I'm trying to run samples of RichFaces from Eclipse.
      I have installed Maven, configure M2_REPO and run mvn eclipse:eclipse and import project into Eclipse.

      But Eclipse gave me the following error message?

      Project richfaces-demo is missing required library: 'C:\Documents and Settings\Java\.m2\repository\org\richfaces\ui\core\3.1.4.GA\core-3.1.4.GA.jar'

      I checked in the .m2 repository and did not find any org\richfaces\ui\core\ stuff.

      So I checked also on the JBoss repository and I saw a small bomb icon in the margin of the repository /core?

      I suspect a problem with the /core library...

      Thanks for your help