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    adding menu items to a menublock

    furykid Newbie

      how can I add menuitems to a menublock ? what I would need is a set of links which should be visible independently of the users login status and a set of links only visible depending on his privileges.

      and how is the url syntax for a link to a htmlblock to be filled with a specific page ?


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          Sherman Wood Apprentice

          In server/default/nukes/menu-block-service.xml, see:

          <attribute name="Before">
           <item title="Home" url="index.html" description="Back to the home page."/>

          This gets you links in the menu before any roles based links, that are always displayed when the user is logged in. There is an equivalent "After" attribute.

          The menu only displays links that the logged in user has available to them, based on the user's groups.

          You will need to subclass MenuBlock and override the getDisplayed(Page p) method to always return true, so that your menu always appears.

          If I understand what you are looking to do with the htmlblock, it looks like the parameters are: