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    No Context Configured


      Okay, I downloaded the complete install w/ the RC2 of Nukes to play with for a while but never got to it. I did install it though. Recently I downloaded the nukes src zip so that I could build the 1.0 release as well as the DDL for PostgreSQL.

      After I go to the build directory and type "build" I then go to the bb directory and type "build deploy" and then go to the nukes directory and type "build deploy". I get errors saying that the build cannot find

      I'm guessing that the issue is that the build instructions on the website are wrong and that things that should be configured by the master build in the build directory are not configured when I run build from the component directories.

      So I figure that I should manually copy nukes.ear to

      And copy nukes_bb.ear to

      Where they were both located in the RC2 build. Note that JBoss is not running at this time so I start up JBoss and wait for it to finish and then attempt to access:

      What I get instead of the nukes home page is and Apache Tomcat error that says:
      HTTP Status 500 - No Context configured to process this request

      That implies to me that there is an issue w/ the deployment descriptor created by the default build process. How do I resolve this?

      I'm in the process of (sloooooowly) downloading the full JBoss/Nukes release to just deploy the .ear files that come in there and hope that resolves the issue.

      Help! And thanks...