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    Cannot Get Into Nukes


      I've managed to build Nukes 1.0.0 w/ Postgres support. In theory at least...

      One error that I found was that the application.xml file for nukes.ear had the context set to "@nukes.context-root@" which really doesn't exist. When I change that to simply be "/" then things appear to work. Is there a build option that I need to set in order to have that value be modified by the build process to something reasonable?

      Now, When I launch http://localhost/index.html I get the following error on the screen: "Cannot invoke the operation : the module threw an exception".

      When I go to the log file I see the following exception in the log...

      14:53:29,349 ERROR [html] Cannot invoke operation
      javax.ejb.TransactionRolledbackLocalException: Entity not found: primaryKey=1; CausedByException is:
      Entity not found: primaryKey=1

      What is it trying to do that causes it to fail like this?

      When I go to one of the pages for a forum like - http://localhost/index.html?module=bb then it brings up the page. When I try to log in it takes me to the login page and I think that I have succesfully logged in and it tries to go back to the home page (why doesn't it go to the forums where I logged in from?) and I get the same error over again.

      Once again, I'm running on PostgreSQL as my database server on a separate box from the Nukes server built from the 1.0.0 source release w/ the database set to postgres and running on Win2K w/ JDK 1.4.2.


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          first you have to run $nukes/build/build.(bat|sh) that will setup some basic properties for the build

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            I did run build.bat from the build directory. I updated local.properties so that the build would know that I'm using Postgres. I even searched through the buildmagic stuff to figure out that the postgresql properties file wasn't complete.

            What else do I need to have build.bat configure for me?

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              Sherman Wood Apprentice

              I don't have 1.0.0 right in front of me, but these are some Nukes specific properties in my local.properties that work.

              # Nukes target database, for now : hsqldb, mysql, postgresql are the possible values
              # Context root for the nukes main servlet
              # JBoss server/ directory for Nukes, ie: $JBOSS_HOME/server/default

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                Better, much better. With those params configured I now get into the Nukes home page on my site. But there doesn't appear to be any "content" there.

                When I had the RCX candidate on there I would see a navigation pane on the left-hand side but now there isn't anything there. There isn't anywhere for me to log in or to do anything. There's just the "Featured Modules Coming With This Release" and "Coming Soon To A Nukes Near You".

                Where do I go from here? How do I log in to do something?


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                  Note - If I set my URL to http://localhost/nukes/index.html?module=bb I can see the forums. When I successfully log in to the forums I get sent back to the main page (failure to log in means I get sent to a page that says I failed to log in and I don't go anywhere after that) and the URL ends in ?module=html and there is still no navigation pane on the left.

                  If I then go back to the forums by changing the module I have to log in again so it isn't remembering my login.

                  What config am I missing now?


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                    Sherman Wood Apprentice

                    cd to the nukes directory.

                    build deploy-components

                    This will deploy the core components, including the menu.

                    Modules also have a deploy target.