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    Where's The Beef?


      After all of my build issues I can now get into the Nukes home page on my site. But there doesn't appear to be any "content" there.

      When I had the RCX candidate on there I would see a navigation pane on the left-hand side but now there isn't anything there. There isn't anywhere for me to log in or to do anything. There's just the "Featured Modules Coming With This Release" and "Coming Soon To A Nukes Near You".

      If I set my URL to http://localhost/nukes/index.html?module=bb I can see the forums. When I successfully log in to the forums I get sent back to the main page (failure to log in means I get sent to a page that says I failed to log in and I don't go anywhere after that) and the URL ends in ?module=html and there is still no navigation pane on the left.

      If I then go back to the forums by changing the module I have to log in again so it isn't remembering my login.

      What config am I missing now? Where do I go from here? How do I log in to actually do something?