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    Cannot Log In w/ IE6


      First - Many thanks to Sherman for all of the offline assistance in getting Nukes up and running...

      However, I cannot get logged in using IE6 running on Win2K. Unfortunately, it isn't just me. My other developers have the same issue. When we attempt to log in it accepts our password and takes us back to the home page but...

      1 The count of members logged in does not increment
      2 The user-specific menu, in this case the admin user, doesn't appear
      3 When we go to the forums it asks us to log in again

      This does not happen when I log in using Safari under OSX. When I do that I get the full menus and everything is great. That tells me that it is an issue w/ the IE6 configuration.

      I tried enabling all cookies but that didn't change the behaviour.

      Suggestions? Comments?


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          Sherman Wood Apprentice

          Weird. I have Win2K and IE6 right now, and I can log in fine. I have no idea what could be going on.


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            After some serious digging w/ other developers one of them told me that there is a "feature" in IE6 that discards cookies from host names that have an underscore in them. So hou_dev_02 will have all of its cookies kindly discarded by IE6 but if I use the IP address directly then IE6 will happily accept the cookies and allow me to log in and manage the critter to my heart's content...