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    What's Available?


      Okay, now that I'm up and running I want to know what else I can do...

      The JBoss site has a Wiki and Blogs - do those correspond to the FAQ and RSS module in Nukes?

      What works and what doesn't? What does everything do?

      Can I attach polls to my forums or are they standalone? Do they work?

      What is the "sections" module?

      What is the "quotes" section?

      Template? Third Party? Journal?

      Many thanks!


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          Sherman Wood Apprentice

          What works and what doesn't? What does everything do?

          How long is a piece of string? ;-)

          Try the modules and see. A lot of them are based in the equivalent from PHP Nukes.


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            lokmer Newbie

            Where does one *find* the modules? I've installed Nukes and the forums seem to be the only module that came with it (it certainly doesn't have all the modules listed on the main page), but I've yet to find a module download section on this site

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              jae Master

              you will have to check the other modules out from cvs if you want to experiment w/ them.

              the 1.0 release only contained the "core" nukes framework and the forums module (which is what was deemed to be most stable and usable).

              all other modules not included in the package need to be refactored/reworked.