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    Nukes and Wiki

    Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

      How is the wiki done in the JBoss site?

      I didn't find any mention of this in the forums or find a wiki module in the 1.0 download.


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          this is done through the integration os JSPWiki

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            Sherman Wood Apprentice

            The wiki has not been included in Nukes yet.


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              Andries Broekema Newbie

              [newbe question]
              Setup seems ok to me, but then i'm stuck. Here's is what I tried in order to setup wiki on my JBoss/Nukes system
              * downloaded and unzipped JSPWiki files from http://www.jspwiki.org
              * copied the file "JSPWiki.war" into the deployment directory of the running JBoss, in my case in the default deployment directory
              * auto-deploy started nicely
              * pointed my browser to http://thisserver:port/JSPWiki/
              * JSPWiki is running on the server, edit works fine

              Now my question: I've search through the files and directories, but I cannot find the location of the Wiki files, I cannot change the configuration files, cannot change the theme. Well, there are files located at $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp.....JSPWiki.war/WEB-INF but changing them has no effect (JBoss started as default). Do I have to do more than just copy the WAR file to deploy?

              Any help appreciated.

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                jae Master

                wiki integeration w/ nukes has not been released yet.

                if you want to customize the wiki site, you will need to refer to the wiki documentation.

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                  ya... that wiki sucks anyway :-), I had to patch some stuff grr..

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                    javajohnnyjones Newbie

                    Hi, I too have been trying to get JBoss Nukes and JSPWiki to run together like the jboss.org site does it. I tried installing them independently but couldn't get JSPWiki pages to show up inside of Nukes pages. In fact, I even had a problem seeing them both in my browser when they were running concurrently (i could see the one that was started up first but the other gave me a not found browser error). Maybe I should try to get JSPWiki running inside of JBoss instead of Tomcat - is that possible?

                    So I browsed the forums and found out that at cvs co nukes-website the integration is already done. Thats great. So I downloaded the files from cvs. However, though I do know how to build JBoss AS cvs (ex. 3.2.3) successfully, I could not build this nukes-website package successfully. This is what I do and the result:

                    $ ./build.sh
                    $ build.sh: *ERROR* The target executable does not exist:
                    $ build.sh:
                    $ build.sh: /tmp/nuke/nukes-website/build/bin/build.sh
                    $ build.sh:
                    $ build.sh: Please make sure you have checked out the 'tools'
                    $ build.sh: module and make sure it is up to date.

                    Is there something wrong with the build script? I think I checked out everything I was supposed to - do you think I missed something? Do you have any suggestions for me? Is there a page on the forums/wiki that has more info on building/intalling/configuring nukes-website?

                    Thank you very much in advance!!

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                      does anyone want to get out of the shadow and develop a Wiki on Nukes ?

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                        javajohnnyjones Newbie


                        Thank you for responding to my post with the suggestion that somebody develop a Wiki on nukes. Until that time, could you please provide a response to my post.

                        Thanks very much!

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                          use the JSPWiki version which is checked in, JSPWiki has some nasty bugs I fixed in the version which is in the CVS repository :

                          try : cvs co nukes-website

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                            javajohnnyjones Newbie


                            Thank you for this response. I will try this JSPWiki version. Once I check it out and get it running, how do I get it to show up in a nukes page like pages on the the JBoss.org site?


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                              javajohnnyjones Newbie

                              Ok, I'll try cvs co nukes-website.

                              When I get all the files, I assume I should use use just the JSPWiki files to install JSPWiki. Should I somehow get it to run via JBoss or can I just use Tomcat? Once its running via one of these, how do I get the JSPWiki pages to show up inside of Nukes pages?