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    Wanted: Photo-Gallery-Module with rating and comment functio

    Markus Newbie

      Hello everyone!
      I'm glad to arrived at Jboss' Nukes.
      But it's difficult for me to find a site with Nukes-Modules.

      I'm searching for a Photo-Gallery-Module for the java-based Nukes with rating and comment function, where users can upload their own pictures, in comparison with the functionality of 4nAlbum (http://warpspeed.4thdimension.de/) or Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG, http://coppermine.sourceforge.net).
      - Where can i find such a module? -or-
      - Do you know sites with an overview of nukes-modules?

      Many Thanks for your help.
      I'm very new to the cms-issue, i'm dooing a practical course at a small agency, besides i study information technology in Ulm www.ulm.de (between Munich and Stuttgart), South-Germany.

      Kind Regards,
      Markus Schmid

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          Ivar Abrahamsen Newbie

          With nukes being still fairly new, I cannot see that a module with the amount of features that coppermine has, can be made without years of development.

          After all coppermine has been developed for years.

          I might be wrong however, and a I do presume basic albums exists.

          I have over time written several basic albums myself, using different technologies, untill i found coppermine, and realised I would never get close to it...

          Hopefully someone will spend some months writing a conversion, and fixing the multiple groups issue as well.