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    How to sell Nukes to your Boss?

    Oliver Henlich Newbie

      Hi guys.

      Having just downloaded and played with the 1.0 release. I was pretty impressed and up and running and 'getting it' quite quickly.

      I've been told to evaluate Nukes and come up with a list of points to sell it to my boss. Especially with regards to other open source products such as openCMS.

      So far on the Nukes side i have:
      - apparently easy to add new modules / features
      - Based on a full J2EE stack with all that brings with it eg. caching, persistence, transactions...
      - Scalability, clustering of MBeans?

      I was wondering if anyone is interested in helping me compile a better list of selling points and comparisons to openCMS (which i have no experience with BTW).


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          Nick Temple Newbie

          Can you post links (here or email me privately) to various CMS systems you are considering?

          What's the time-frame for implementation? The requirements? A "feature/benefits" comparison is somewhat useful, but a specific point-by-point presentation of how a technology provides solutions to your (boss's) problems is a little stronger.

          Remember, Nukes is v1.0, which means it doesn't currently have the number of modules available that some other solutions do. However, they are relatively easy to write / port and it's a pretty darn good framework to customize.