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    Downloads Module almost beta

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      I will add the downloads module to CVS when I have it in the beta state. The last alpha version of the downloads module was released today. If you have been watching my test website you may have noticed I only have one more feature to add to put it in a beta state. The feature is not an easy one for me to do so I am going to ask you for help.

      I have a block that displays a Top 10 Rated list. There is a configuration setting that only allows downloads with X or more votes to be included on this list. I need to be able to get that config item from the configuration of the downloads module. I see this working like getting the siteName from nukes core. I tried to follow this but got lost (I am a novice when it comes to application servers and JMX). It looks like I have to create a MBeanProxy and then I can get the attributes that I want through the proxy is this correct? I just need to know if I am barking up the right tree or should I be looking at somthing else? If I am going in the right direction is there any information on the MBeanProxy class?