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    Problems using Jboss Nukes as complete site

    davidakers Newbie

      I just installed Nukes. Works fine with MySQL. I logged in as admin, added a html page. But couldn't find out how to access the page from the Main Menu. Does it auto update.

      Also my build didn't have a polling system, news system, or blogging. I don't understand how to make new templates, or change the layout from 3 column to 2.

      I don't understand how to put a html form in that will access the MYSQL Database or make a multipart-wizard style form that uses the html code blocks, is there inline access to the session?

      Where is the documentation for these rather fundamental questions that need to be answered if one is going to use nukes for any serious web site?

      I ask because I plan on using Nukes for the message board system but without the ability to understand how to fully modify the core modules and integrate it with simple html form and data access functionality I will simply use php and html for the main work of the site.

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          davidakers Newbie

          I will know by the end of the day if Nukes is right for my companies - product download site.

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            jae Master

            if you added an html page, you have to link to it in order for it to be accessed. ie: edit the "main" page and create a link to your new page.

            right now the nukes 1.0 release only contains the "core" and the forums module. these have been deemed the most stable and ready for use.

            work is currently under way to refactor and enhance the other modules you mentioned, but julien is the only full timer working on this and the rest of us contribute in our spare time, so at the moment, it's a rather slow going process (hey jboss ppl, i wanna work on nukes full time, can i have a job *smile*).

            the wiki site does provide some documentation, but it is lacking in some areas and is being slowly updated as time goes on. if you discover answers to your questions on your own, feel free to add documention to the wiki site.