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    problem deploy module "news" in Nukes

    sys user Master

      Hi !
      I want to deploy the module "news" in Nukes.
      But I have an error message :

      [javac] package org.jboss.nukes.html does not exist
      [javac] import org.jboss.nukes.html.Page;
      [javac] ^

      Somebody can help me please??!

      Thanks !

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          jae Master

          are you trying to compile the code, or actually do the deployment?

          if compiling, did you go into the "build" directory and execute "build" before attempting to compile the news module?

          also, as an fyi, the news module is not considered to be stable yet, so use at your own risk, and be aware that changes will be forthcoming that will not be compatible (ie, database data b/c the table structure will be changing).