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    LDAP Login

    Brad Balmer Newbie

      I've seen old posts regarding integrating the Nukes login with an LDAP server but nothing new.

      Is this still a work in progress or is it possible?

      If so, how? Where can I find some documentation/examples.


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          for now we are working on releasing 1.1 and preparing 2.0. We may want to use interfaces for user allowing puggability of user.

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            tmccrary Newbie

            So, does LDAP currently work or not? :)

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              Sherman Wood Apprentice

              Right now, authentication and storage of configuration info is in DB tables accessed via CMP EJBs. No one is working on LDAP integration at the moment, but we could put it on the roadmap for V 2.0 - the portal server implementation.


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                Steve Moyer Newbie

                I recently posted that I would be developing an LDAP administration module on Nukes, allowing users to update their LDAP server's contents, change the schema and use the server as both a web-based contact's management system and as a login server.

                After this, I plan on allowing the authentication of Nuke's users and group through the LDAP server. I am still trying to determine how much work will be involved by identifying all the code that would need to change (that's part of the reason I'm going to write a module ... learning how authentication works. The other reason is that I need a web-based interface to my LDAP server, so our 411 directories can be easily maintained). In any case, the authentication code seems pretty well factored, so I'm hoping that it will be the easier of the two projects.

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                  Andries Broekema Newbie

                  Maybe this helps: the PostNuke project (written in PHP, not Nukes on JBoss) used to have a LDAP-authentication module. That module works fine. So the code from that module could serve as an example. The module used to live on http://ldapauth.ch.vu/ (but that site seems not to exist anymore). I still have the code, so if you need it drop me an email (or is it possible to attach it to this message?)