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      Hello -

      I am attempting to create an implementation of a web service in which a particular operation is defined as follows:


      <xs:element name="getAllResponse">
      <xs:any namespace="http://iss.lmco.com/schema/action-item-summary" maxOccurs="1"/>


      According the JAX-RPC 1.1 specification, I should have the following interface created:

      public interface ActionItemPort extends Remote {
      GetAllResponse getAll() throws RemoteException;

      And the GetAllResponse bean should have a _any property of type SOAPElement.

      However, when I run wscompile on the given WSDL definition, I instead recieve the following interface:

      public interface ActionItemPort extends Remote {
      SOAPElement getAll() throws RemoteException;

      For some reason, wscompile unwraps my GetAllResponse bean if the only element within it is of type XSD:ANY. I have the WSI feature turned on, and explicitly say donotunwrap. I am using JWSDP version 1.4.

      I know that JBossWS only allows Apache Axis document style, and therefore this unwrapped interface doesn't work.

      Is this a bug in wscompile? I looked around but did not see it mentioned anywhere. How can I overcome this issue, without hand-editing the generated interfaces?

      I appreciate any help you can afford.

      Shawn Dahlen