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    German (other UNICODE chars) umlauts


      Just like to test if it is a problem with my setup or others have the same problem:


      with german umlauts! Yes they have - if I press preview I see the umlauts, but in the edit window they just dissapear. In the FAQ Module, there is no support for german umlauts.

      Is the problem in the database backend or does JBoss/Nukes handle german umlauts not correctly (that is bad).



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          I don't know how a java string (UTF16) is stored in mysql, so at the end this matters yes. Then all the pipeline to the user is important too.

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            Checking portuguese chars: áàãâéíóõôç

            These seem to work well

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              Lothar Egger Newbie

              hi innovate

              we had some problems too with german umlauts....

              its worth a try....

              edit your run.bat/run.sh

              try to set/export


              hope it helps

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                "ferdez" wrote:
                Checking portuguese chars: áàãâéÃÂóõôç

                These seem to work well

                Just enter some chars into the text field, press preview, you will discover the following:

                - The content in the preview and the text area are not the same. In the preview, you see the chars you just entered, but in the text area, the chars are not any longer the same. When you now press preview again, also the preview will show you other characters.



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                  I just have done some research. I am using MySQL and J/Connect 3 which does automatically switch (from plain ascii) the encoding depending on the chars. If I look up the chars in the Database through webmin (WebAccess), I see the German umlauts. So they get stored just right in the database. But while traversing back to the browser, there is a problem. Where to search for the problem?

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                    jae Master

                    right now nukes is rendering the charset as ISO-8859-1 and needs to be updated to render as UTF-8 (do umlats get rendered under ISO-8859-1?).

                    try forcing your browser to use UTF-8 instead and see if that helps the rendering problem until the charset can be updated in the code.

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                      Umlauts also gets rendered in ISO8859-1.
                      I have worked for the last 5 years with Apple's WebObjects. You defined the encoding while rendering the html and versa, second you defined the encoding to the data back end (DB). That was it. No problems. I am new to J2EE. I am good in Servlet programming and have some experience with JSP - no problem there with umlauts!. But the real J2EE thing like EJB's and all other technologies are new to me. So I am a little bit lost where to search for the critical code snippets. Should I search in the EJB code, in some code of JBoss or only in the Nukes code base?

                      But in my opinion, if text renders in a text field differently than the same text in the preview, that's strange. I assume, there is no db interaction for the preview. So text is only sent to the module and the module send back the text to the text field and the preview section - but with different encodings!

                      If I get some hints where to start, it would be helpful.