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    Need help on Menu Block

    george lam Newbie

      Greeting all,

      Can anyone show me how to add a menu item in Main menu block.
      I have try to play with "menu-block-service.xml" file under JBoss server nuke directory but with no success. Here is what I add to xml file

      Thanks in Advance


      <attribute name="Before">
       <item title="Home" url="index.html" description="Back to the home page."/>
       <item title="Test" url="test.html" description="test."/>
       <attribute name="Security">
       <permission group="*" level="READ" pattern="::"/>
       <permission group="*" level="READ" pattern="menu:Home:"/>
       <permission group="*" level="READ" pattern="menu:Test:"/>
       <permission group="*" level="READ" pattern="module:bb:main"/>