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    phpbb to Nukes

    jeg Newbie

      How can I convert the original phpbb tables I have in mysql to the Nukes standard?

      I have phpbb 2.0.6 and would like to change to a java compliant forum. The problem is that I would like to port all the information from the old tables to the new one so as not to lose any posts/watches/users

      Are there some ddls or sqls that will port my phpbb to nukes?

      do I have to do it myself?


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          yes you have to do it by yourself. most of the tables are pretty much the same, except that the phpbb_post table contains now the text of the message that is in a separate table on phpbb.

          when you have the script it would be nice to give it to us.

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            Matti Korvenmaa Newbie

            I just came up with this same question. Looks like there isn't any ready solution, so I'll work with this and I hope to come up with somekind of migration tool or database converter during next couple days. I'll keep you posted.

            I keep small hobby related phpBB 2.0.6 forum (~ 5.5K unique visitors per month) and since I work with JBoss and J2EE in general as my real job (Project Manager / Senior J2EE Developer), I want to change thse forums into platform that feel more comfortable to work with.