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    news 1.1rc1 release available

    jae Master

      the news 1.1 rc1 release is now available in cvs. yay! :)

      table columns did change been the alpha release and this one. this was due to 1) a cmp bug that was fixed for 3.2.4 and 2) b/c i wanted to add another column to the topic table :).

      you will also have to update the menu-block-service.xml file from cvs as well. it now contains the correct values to display the news links.

      also, pls flush your security cache in the database by executing the following sql stmt:

       delete from nuke_service_attributes where pn_aid = 'Security';

      pls let me know if you encounter any bugs.


      p.s there are some areas that have slight rendering imperfections (primarily in ie). i did the best i could w/ them, but i am far from an html guru.

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          jae Master

          p.p.s. rc1 is functionality complete. i won't be adding anything new between now and the final release. anything that does end up changing (will start tracking changes after 1.1 release since it was an overall refactoring to get things working) will be b/c of further internals clean-up.

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            Great news indeed, I am working on adding search functionnalities to the HTML module.

            I think "the priz" is working on something too, I don't know exactly for Sherman.

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              joe hobson Newbie

              Impressive! I finally updated my local Nukes copy with the latest snapshot, and I'd have to say that i'm quite impressed. It's been a few months since i've been able to really look at the package, though I've been tracking the forum discussions via email (thanks for any and all info on CMP). Glad to see Nukes living up to my expectations. Hope to have some time for coding my own changes once the wife and kids start summer vacation.

              As for bugs - my /index is showing up as HTML, which means it's actually encoding the HTML so that tags show up as plain text - open tag is ">" . MIght be cause by the HTML editor, but i doubt it because it didn't happen with other pages i created.

              thought you might like to know. Keep up the great work... .joe

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                my bad, I fixed it.