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    Search Engine Friendly URLs

    Qasim Khawaja Newbie

      Is it currently possible to set this?

      Is there any interest/intention to do this?

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          Ok. I got this SharedStoreCacheLoader, but I have little problems with using it. It has strange constructor, so it cannot be plugged directly by using XML conf file. Any help with this, please?

          Next thing:
          about shared cache loader.

          Correct me if my assumptions are wrong:
          -I want to have shared DB
          -want to use lazy loading (my custom implementation) from DB
          -so I start cache with several nodes
          -aop tree is empty
          -after that, the tree has one element, loaded with my custom: Map get(Fqn fqn) method
          -I _thought_ from now on, in case every _other_ node wants "/customers/first" it will be given by cache
          -but: from other nodes method: Map get(Fqn) is still executed. So, basically: there is no cache ? :/

          Here is my configuration:
          -FetchStateOnStartup: TRUE

          -CacheLoader: MyCustomLoader
          -CacheLoaderShared: TRUE
          -CacheLoaderPreload: empty -because I want to lazy load all data
          -CacheLoaderFetchTransientState: TRUE
          -CacheLoaderFetchPersistenceState: FALSE

          I think sth might be wrong with implementation of my CacheLoader. Because I think FileBased and Bdbje work correct.

          Any comment?


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            what do you mean by friendly ? for now the result of the query is cached in the HttpSession.

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              Qasim Khawaja Newbie

              Wth the exception of Google (even that is limited) search engines will not traverse links that have a "?page=1" appended to the URL and hence the indexing of site is limited. It has something to do with the bots getting stuck in the site. The "?" is used as the indicator.

              As you will see from this Amazon URL they have removed the "?" http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/468294/026-6354553-9574019

              This is a major issue if you are seeking serious seach engine traffic.

              There has been alot of attention paid to this is in the php world and I know that there are modules that have even been developed for phpNuke (et al) to overcome this shortcoming.

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                Having the ability for search engines to index the forums would be really nice.

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                  john doe Newbie

                  There is another, simpler way to achieve the same result :
                  create some "dummy pages" presenting a flat view of database content, organised with "clean" (friendly) URL links.
                  Robots can easily follow those links to index the full content.

                  A batch process can compute thos pages each night for example ...

                  I'm working on it