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    user error

    sjaaksken Newbie


      I'm havin a noob problem (as I still am a noob).
      In the installation file they describe how you should have a root user with no password. I already have a root user but it has a password and I can't change it (cause my configuration is set up with user 'root' and that password.

      first of all: does that influence the installation in any way? is there a line in a script I have to adjust to set my password to connect to my database?

      second of all: when I run 'prepare.dll' I get an error:

      SQL-query :

      INSERT INTO mysql.user
      SET Host = 'localhost',
      User = 'nukes',
      PASSWORD = PASSWORD( 'nukes' ) ,
      Select_priv = 'N',
      Insert_priv = 'N',
      Update_priv = 'N',
      Delete_priv = 'N',
      Create_priv = 'N',
      Drop_priv = 'N',
      Reload_priv = 'N',
      Shutdown_priv = 'N',
      Process_priv = 'N',
      File_priv = 'N',
      Grant_priv = 'N',
      References_priv = 'N',
      Index_priv = 'N',
      Alter_priv = 'N'

      MySQL said:
      #1062 - Duplicate entry 'localhost-nukes' for key 1

      when I run the bat file of the server (everything else is figured out) I get an error saying: error connecting to database user 'nukes@localhost' password: YES.

      When I browse to http://localhost:8080 I get the message 'cannot connect to database' (as I expected).

      What do I do wrong?

      Thx in advance, I've been using postnuke before and am eager to try this setup.

      Kind regards,


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          sjaaksken Newbie


          can't be that hard, can it? how do I make the 'nukes' user manually (without the script).

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            jae Master

            it also can't be that hard to go over and read the mysql documentation on how to create a user.

            the above sql statement should create the user for you. what version of mysql are you using?

            what else is in the mysql.user table that could be causing a duplicate key issue?

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              madlion Newbie

              Do you using Linux?

              I have something similar with my Fedora Core 2 distro.

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                sjaaksken Newbie

                I'm using mysql 4.0.18
                the installation is maybe a month old so it should have no issues. Anyway I'm using Apache 2 on windows.

                And I'm not a mysql coder, nor do I know the settings for the nukes user I have to enter. Isn't this the place to get a little feedback?

                There are two records in the mysql.user table:

                but even when it's empty I get that error?

                Weird problem anyway, never had any problems running a sql script before.

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                  sjaaksken Newbie

                  even when I enter the code into my mysql in dos it returns that error.

                  Why isn't there a configuration script where you can enter/adjust settings for the users 'root' and 'nukes' (like in phpnuke and postnuke).

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                    sjaaksken Newbie

                    Ok, I got it working.

                    But it only works on my computer =/

                    people from the outside get 'page can not be displayed' error. I run apache 2 at the same time is that the problem?

                    Looks great tho, I'm really looking forward working with this version