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      this might sound very very noobish but that's what I am:

      Is there a simple howto for deploying e.g. the mp3player module?

      I've always used PNuke (where nukes is based on) but am totally not familiar with java =(

      Let's say I have the mp3player folder, what do I do next?

      I've looked on google and sun and here but don't know what I should be looking for.

      I'd really like to see the mp3player in action (I'm already glad I got the nukes runnin)

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          the thing you have to do is deploy it through the build :

          cd nukes/mp3player
          sh build.sh deploy

          that will build and deploy the module. when we mean deploy practically that means build the archive (usually a .sar file) and put it in the right place (jboss/server/default/nukes in the case of a module)

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            sjaaksken Newbie

            oh glad to know I was doing something right :)

            but I get an error message:

            BUILD FAILED
            The database properties file is not present

            what file am I missing? I got the mp3player from the source distribution.

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              perhaps first you need to build the base modules so try :

              cd nukes/build
              sh build.sh
              cd ../mp3player
              sh build.sh deploy

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                sjaaksken Newbie

                Thanks, that worked :-)

                One more question: I see the mp3player module but when I click on it nothing happens.(quite normal I think since I didn't upload the modulebrowser.swf file yet)

                The readme of the module says:

                2) Upload (with the HTML-Module) the file: mp3player/src/flash/moduleBrowser.swf
                you need to choose "test" for the File ID

                I go to the html module, click on 'upload' I get the 'browse file' and 'ID' box.
                --> I enter test in ID
                ---> I browse to my folder 'E:\jboss\jboss\server\default\nukes\mp3player\src\bin\flash' and choose the modilebrowser.swf.

                Then I click on upload and I get an error message saying:

                The file id must start with a '/' then you can add zero or more 'dir/' pattern and finish with the filename (i.e: /[dir/]*file.ext)

                How do I upload that file correctly?

                Thx for your valuable help :)

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                  the swf is a legacy file, basically you link an hard drive location to an id first (as far as I remember)

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                    sjaaksken Newbie

                    I've found it, I had to use '/test' as file ID.

                    The README.txt kinda put me on the wrong track there :)

                    Mp3player works gonna give it a try.

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                      the networking should be redone to take advantage of java NIO instead of using servlets :-) that would rock

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                        sjaaksken Newbie

                        hmm is there a simple howto to get the mp3 player to work? I can't get it to work lol

                        And also: the site only works on my local computer :(
                        if they go to http://sjaaksken.dyndns.org:8080/nukes/index.html they get 'page cannot be displayed' or 'page unavailable' or 'gateway timeout' while I can look at the site on my local network?

                        I am running apache next to the jboss/nukes server. Is that the cause of the problem? Maybe it handles incomming connections and thus can't find the url on the apache server(as it 's running on the jboss server). But still when I shut down the apache server it doesn't work either. My noobishness shows again lol.

                        Little help would be nice since I'm making progress every time I ask something hehe.